Plots are sold as absolute sale and the owner gets absolute ownership. The property is thus saleable, transferable and can be bequeathed. Every farm/plot owner will get a membership of Orion Club and Orion Club Holidays. Through Orion Clubs the individual farm/plot owner can freely access the common facilities at the Orion Holiday Resorts. 

For maintaining absolute transparency at the Orion Farmer's Society, the body of the Plot/Farm owners will be permitted to appoint independent Auditors. Each individual owner of Plots/Farm will be a member of the society Club. The Society will have an agreement with ‘Orion Holiday Resorts Ltd.', the developer for the maintenance and overall management of all common facilities for a fee. Property owners are free to construct Farm Houses, Bungalows or Cottages according to their plans but will be subject to the Master Plan & approval of Orion Holiday Resorts Ltd. Owners not interested in leasing out their Farmhouse/Cottage/Bungalows, will be charged a maintenance fee on actuals for the maintenance of the farmhouse, garden, lawn etc. 

The common facilities will be looked after and maintained by the Company itself or by engaging any other agency. The Society will control the future development, maintenance etc. of the farm village and for any further developments/alterations of whatsoever nature relating to the building construction, farm and nature of farming by the farm owner will be subject to the prior permission of the Society.


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